25th annual March of Dachshunds

2 September 2019

There are many traditions Krakow is known for. Everyone has heard about the St. Mary’s bugle call or the Krakow szopka competition. But there are also traditions less known to tourists in the city, which are worth getting to know. One of them has short legs, or rather paws. The march of dachshunds in Krakow […]

Kosher dishes for all interested in Jewish cuisine

30 July 2019

The Jewish cuisine is influenced by many culinary cultures. Depending on the regions in which the dispersed Jewish community lived, three varieties of this cuisine can be distinguished: Middle Eastern, originating from the Iberian Peninsula and Ashkenazi. The first two are similar to each other on what concerns the taste, the third one is related […]

Basilica of Corpus Christi in Kazimierz, or a beautiful church hiding the legend of a stolen golden host

30 July 2019

Krakow is a unique city with a rich tradition and lots of monuments. Places of religious worship are particularly noteworthy, including beautiful, ancient churches that have survived various historical turmoil. One of the most beautiful and largest is the Basilica of Corpus Christi in the Kazimierz district, a mute witness of many momentous moments in […]

Art museums in Krakow – which are worth a visit

30 June 2019

Art Museums in Krakow are unique places within the city, enchanting with history and modernity. Both the fans of classic works and the enthusiasts of contemporary art will find a gem, among the most outstanding museums that must be visited. The National Museum in Krakow ul. 3 Maja 130 A must-visit, should be included as […]

The story of “Lady with an Ermine” – how did the painting find its place in Kraków?

30 June 2019

Leonardo da Vinci is probably the most famous of all painters. Not everyone knows that he has painted only a dozen or so paintings throughout his entire life. One of them is the famous “Lady with an Ermine”, a painting exhibited at the National Museum in Krakow. How did the “Lady with an Ermine” find […]

Electric scooters – a new way of getting around the city has recently been made available in Krakow. What are they?

31 May 2019

Electric scooters are another means of transport that can be rented in major Polish cities. They constitute an interesting alternative to the most-known and popular city bikes. Recently, Krakow joined the map of Polish cities, where you can rent scooters. This is, without a doubt, one of the city’s major steps in its fight for […]

Krakow student festival (juwenalia) – what is it and how is it celebrated

31 May 2019

Originally, the term juvenalia meant Roman games initiated by Emperor Nero. The first Juwenalia took place in Krakow in 1964, lasted three days and their goal was to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the founding of the Jagiellonian University. Musicians, mimes, and circus performers presented their skills. Today, it is an inseparable element of student […]

The first clean transport zone in Poland in Krakow’s Kazimierz

30 April 2019

Krakow, which is the former capital of Poland, is a charming city, built of many streets and places worth discovering. Amongst them, there are those that you will always want to come back to. Searching for them is becoming more pleasant, especially in the Kazimierz district, part of which has been separated and appointed as […]

Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow’s Kazimierz — what is it, what is the story and what we can expect in 2019’s edition?

23 April 2019

Every year, the Jewish Culture Festival takes place in Kazimierz — historic district of Krakow. The event attracts thousands of tourists allured by its attractions, restaurants and accommodation offers. Guests have the opportunity to experience the unique culture of this place — exceptional dishes and music. All of this is the history, the art and […]

Synagogues in Krakow Kazimierz– which are worth seeing?

27 March 2019

Kazimierz, the district of Krakow, has been entrenched in the Jewish culture since its foundation in 1335. Then, the Old Synagogue was built. It quickly became the main center of the whole Jewish Community life. Nevertheless, with time some elements of Christian culture started to appear. Additionally, some catholic churches came into being. It turned […]

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