The most popular shows in Krakow

22 February 2020

Krakow is a city closely connected to art and possessing great theatrical traditions. Here it is possible to find, for example, the Helena Modrzejewska Old Theater which is the second oldest facility of this type in Poland, Modern Theater, Juliusz Słowacki Theater, Bagatela, Scena STU, and many others, as well as the State Drama School. […]

Krakow is a perfect place for a bachelor party

20 February 2020

Krakow is a city with history; former seat of Polish kings, and today one of the most important European metropolises. The Main Market Square is a unique and spectacular place, often visited by tourists. It is an extremely charming treasury of works of art, historical souvenirs, as well as beautiful monuments. They represent almost all […]

Kraków’s Pearl of Modernist Architecture

28 January 2020

Today, the Kijów Cinema in Kraków is a cult place for film lovers and culture enthusiasts. But not only for them, because the building is one of the finest examples of Modernism in Poland. This is why it’s visited not only by cinema-goers, but also tourists admiring the architecture and interior of the building. On […]

Why Is It Worth Going to Kraków in Winter?

14 January 2020

The historic capital of Poland is one of the most visited places in Europe. Every year, several million tourists choose this destination. For example, last year the number was over 13.5 million. The vast majority come to Krakow in summer. Predictably, the most frequented and attractive places are very crowded in this period. Encountering the […]

Cracow Nativity Scene Competition – an amazing polish tradition

25 December 2019

The Christmas nativity scene is a kind of mock-up or diorama symbolically depicting the scene of the birth of Jesus Christ. A special place in tradition is occupied by pieces produced by Cracow’s nativity makers since the second half of the nineteenth century. Structure style Interest in folklore and the realization of the unique nature […]

Christmas fair at the Cracow market

13 December 2019

The Christmas Fair is a long-standing Cracow tradition which is known throughout Poland. This year’s edition starts at the end of November and will last until December 26. This event has become a permanent fixture in the cultural calendar of Cracow. It contributes to the region’s flourishing economic development, and the fair attracts more and […]

It’s gloomy outside, but you’d like to go somewhere? Here’s a list of the best bookstore-cafés in Krakow!

30 November 2019

Bookstore-cafés in Krakow have their passionate admirers especially on rainy autumn days. Delicious coffee and the possibility of buying or simply browsing through the books there is a duo that many have already fallen in love with. An atmosphere of calm and peace favors reflection, careful reading and rest without a time limit, that’s why […]

The monastery in Tyniec – an amazing place in Krakow!

30 November 2019

The abbey in Tyniec is a gem on the tourist map of Krakow. It’s a beautiful Benedictine monastery dating back to the 11th century, but also a café with local specialties and a view of the picturesque Vistula river backwaters. A walk here will take around 1,5 hours if you’re a skilled tourist. To get […]

Food you must try in Krakow

9 November 2019

Krakow is a place that is famous not only for many beautiful monuments, but also for sweet delicacies and the best Polish street food. These Krakow specialties will surely touch more than one palate. What delicacies are worth trying? See the list below. Cracow Bagel These soft and plump discs can be bought at small […]

What can you buy in the Cloth Hall?

30 October 2019

Being on a trip in Krakow, you must visit the Cloth Hall. This unique monument impresses not only with its wonderful architecture, but also allows you to buy many attractive souvenirs! What can you buy at today’s market? Let’s check which items are the most popular. Traditional symbols of Krakow  As you can easily guess, […]

Two bedroom Deluxe Apartment

29 December 2015

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