Food you must try in Krakow

9 November 2019

Krakow is a place that is famous not only for many beautiful monuments, but also for sweet delicacies and the best Polish street food. These Krakow specialties will surely touch more than one palate. What delicacies are worth trying? See the list below. Cracow Bagel These soft and plump discs can be bought at small […]

What can you buy in the Cloth Hall?

30 October 2019

Being on a trip in Krakow, you must visit the Cloth Hall. This unique monument impresses not only with its wonderful architecture, but also allows you to buy many attractive souvenirs! What can you buy at today’s market? Let’s check which items are the most popular. Traditional symbols of Krakow  As you can easily guess, […]

Palace under the Rams and its tradition dating back to the 15th century

30 September 2019

The Palace under the Rams was once an inn, and today there is a cinema and a space where various cultural events take place. Learn more about the secrets of this charming place! A few words about the history of words… The times of the Palace under the Rams go back to the Middle Ages. […]

The Wieliczka Salt Mine – why does it attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year?

28 September 2019

For centuries, Wieliczka has been attracting tourists from all over the world. There is a salt mine, which is the most visited underground tourist attraction in Poland. In 1978, it was inscribed at the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the unusual landscapes of salt excavations. Moreover, Wieliczka is located only 40 kilometers from Krakow! […]

The legend about St. Mary’s Trumpet Call

3 September 2019

The Krakow St. Mary’s Trumpet Call, also called the bugle call, is a melody composed in F major. It resonates four times, every hour, from the top of the highest tower of the Archpriest Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the so-called St. Mary’s Basilica. Two firemen on duty open windows in turn […]

25th annual March of Dachshunds

2 September 2019

There are many traditions Krakow is known for. Everyone has heard about the St. Mary’s bugle call or the Krakow szopka competition. But there are also traditions less known to tourists in the city, which are worth getting to know. One of them has short legs, or rather paws. The march of dachshunds in Krakow […]

Kosher dishes for all interested in Jewish cuisine

30 July 2019

The Jewish cuisine is influenced by many culinary cultures. Depending on the regions in which the dispersed Jewish community lived, three varieties of this cuisine can be distinguished: Middle Eastern, originating from the Iberian Peninsula and Ashkenazi. The first two are similar to each other on what concerns the taste, the third one is related […]

Basilica of Corpus Christi in Kazimierz, or a beautiful church hiding the legend of a stolen golden host

30 July 2019

Krakow is a unique city with a rich tradition and lots of monuments. Places of religious worship are particularly noteworthy, including beautiful, ancient churches that have survived various historical turmoil. One of the most beautiful and largest is the Basilica of Corpus Christi in the Kazimierz district, a mute witness of many momentous moments in […]

Art museums in Krakow – which are worth a visit

30 June 2019

Art Museums in Krakow are unique places within the city, enchanting with history and modernity. Both the fans of classic works and the enthusiasts of contemporary art will find a gem, among the most outstanding museums that must be visited. The National Museum in Krakow ul. 3 Maja 130 A must-visit, should be included as […]

The story of “Lady with an Ermine” – how did the painting find its place in Kraków?

30 June 2019

Leonardo da Vinci is probably the most famous of all painters. Not everyone knows that he has painted only a dozen or so paintings throughout his entire life. One of them is the famous “Lady with an Ermine”, a painting exhibited at the National Museum in Krakow. How did the “Lady with an Ermine” find […]

Two bedroom Deluxe Apartment

29 December 2015

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One bedroom Deluxe Apartment

29 December 2015

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