Why is it worth to book accommodation in Kazimierz while staying overnight in Krakow?

Krakow is a city offering a multitude of diverse attractions. While some will be seduced by the charm of the Old City, others will have the best time in the Krakow Zoo. There’s something here for everyone. You will make the best of your stay with the right accommodation. Here’s why staying in the Kazimierz district is one of the sanest solutions.


The historical district within reach

The historical value of Kazimierz attracts tourists from around the world. Initially it was an independent city, inhabited by Jewish people. In the years to follow it was united with Krakow. Art and culture are experienced here at every turn. Walking down the main alleys is what it takes to find the most popular art workshops and galleries. The district has a unique atmosphere to it. Plentiful paintings on the townhouse walls, numerous small coffeehouses, stylish, homely and inviting. All this makes Kazimierz attractive not only to tourists, but also its residents. It’s worth taking a look at the main monuments. As many as five synagogues can be spotted at Szeroka Street. You can’t miss paying a visit to the Jewish Remuh Cemetery. Crossing the borders of Kazimierz feels like time travel. And it’s only a twenty minutes’ walk to the Main Square.

Good food and delicious coffee

Kazimierz is teeming with life around the clock. In the mornings lovely cafes open up to offer refreshment and pause. In the afternoon, the local restaurants serve the best dishes at attractive prices. And if you enjoy the nightlife, you won’t be disappointed. Stylish clubs located discreetly in basements invite to a party adventure. Worth recommending is also Judah Square Food Truck Park, most notable for its burgers, much bigger and savoury than found in traditional restaurants.

Festivals and concerts

Every time of the year, many events are held in Kazimierz. One of the biggest is the Jewish Culture Festival, attended by guests from around the world. The music resounds in the walls of townhouses and intertwines with a multinational chatter. However, concerts are not only a seasonal occurrence in Kazimierz. Many pubs host independent artists all year long. Odds are you will run into your favourite jazz artist’s gig right here.

Kazimierz is a must-see for anyone visiting Krakow. It’s also the most convenient choice for your lodging. We encourage you to consider this option and invite you to see the whole city!