What street artists can you encounter in Krakow?

Krakow is a unique city, where, above all, it’s you who counts. Regardless of your likenesses, it will take you under its wings and impress. Walking through charming, scented streets, you’ll feel genuinely free, as all artists who numerously visit this place. Their various performances are an inseparable element of this exceptional atmosphere of the city of Kings.


What artists can you encounter in Krakow?

1.Live monuments

In the square, particularly in near distance to Mariacki Church and Grodzka Street, you can see various mimes that look like monuments and make movements from time to time, when a passer-by throws a few coins into their baskets. The most seen are knights, evils, writers or magicians. However, all depends on a day and performer’s imagination – you never know who will make you visit in Main Square pleasant.


Musicians can be divided into Instrumentalists and Singers. They perform all over Krakow – mostly in the area of the Main Square or Vistula banks.

Going from the Main Railway Station to Mariacki Church all music genres: rock, jazz, classical music, pop, hip-hop, folk etc. in all kinds of combinations. There’s mo instrument not being heard on Krakovian streets. Magic of  running through tunes is extremely touching in the evening. It’s worth arriving in the City of Kings only to experience such a walk.


The square changes into a huge stage filled with tunes, dance, performances and light Various band keep coming to show their pieces of work. Similarly, as in the xase of music, all dance styles are present there: hot tango, hip-hop, ballet, folk, breakdance, disco, rumba, belly dance. Watching all these breath-taking performances in a unique atmosphere of the Main Square, prepped by talented, full of passion people is am unrepeatable experience for which you have to visit Krakow.

4.Dancing with fire

Not often can you come across the displays of a fire band in the Main Square, whuch are totally amazing. The sound of a drum, delixate rattles, dark night and brown characters swirling with fire in this original rythm. The performance seems so hypnotic so that you feel as if you were transferred to a completely different place. This is a performance that even regular inhabitants of Krakow are waiting for.

5.And many, many more

The city of Krakow has been an ideal place for artists for years, not setting any limits. It occurred that Shakespeare – one of the scenes between Macbeth and his wife – was played in the Main Square. Not rarely pianists bring along their big instruments to please the visitors in the Main Square. You can regularly see sports people showing their non- obvious skills. You can also spot magicians who cheer up passer-by’s. Rap singers can be seen too. They sing about anything they see – if you want to be a singing star, come along. Arrive to experience something you’ll never forget!