What should you eat in Krakow? Unique Krakow delicacies

Krakow is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful cities of Poland, as well as one of the oldest. It is definitely worth seeing. A good complement to sightseeing and strolling would be tasting the local specialties. What foods is Krakow famous for?


The Obwarzanek

Obwarzanki are soft rings of pastry that are available virtually anywhere in Krakow. The product has been included in the list of traditional foods protected by the EU law. It has a distinctive, slightly sweet taste, and a soft yet crispy crust. Interestingly, obwarzanki are often confused with bagels. A genuine obwarzanek is eaten whole. It’s typically sprinkled with salt, poppy seed, sesame, or cheese.

The Krakow Sippet

This dish, sometimes referred to as the burger’s grandma, is gaining popularity in recent years. Nowadays the Krakow sippet (maczanka) became the local street food. Meat and bread used to be served separately, but right now a combined burger-like version reigns supreme. The whole is topped with onion sauce.


This plain dessert is popular with both kids and adults. It is rooted in the times of the Polish People’s Republic, when shops where short of just about everything, so you really had to put your mind to it to make something sweet and tasty. Pischingers are crunchy wafers layered with chocolate cream, sometimes with the addition of rum. They are really quick to prepare.

Papal Cream Cake

The cream cake was Pope John Paul II’s favourite childhood dessert. A generous portion of vanilla custard cream between two layers of puff pastry, sprinkled with powdered sugar, is commonly referred to as the Papal kremówka in his honour.

Krakow kielbasa

Poland produces many different kinds of sausage. A thick and smoked variety is characteristic of the Krakow region. It is prepared from lean pork seasoned with salt, black pepper, garlic, coriander, and allspice. The Krakow kielbasa tastes great accompanied by freshly baked bread and more.

Duck Cracovian

This dish, though still little-known, is characteristic of Krakow. Following this recipe, the duck is browned on butter and served with thick mushroom and cream sauce and groats. This simple yet tasty and filling dish is perfect for autumn and winter evenings.

Krakow isn’t short of local delicacies and dishes worth tasting during your stay. Obligatory items are the obwarzanek, the Krakow sippet, and pischinger.