What can you buy in the Cloth Hall?

Being on a trip in Krakow, you must visit the Cloth Hall. This unique monument impresses not only with its wonderful architecture, but also allows you to buy many attractive souvenirs! What can you buy at today’s market? Let’s check which items are the most popular.

Traditional symbols of Krakow 

As you can easily guess, many tourists are looking for things that are closely related to the history or architecture of the city. The youngest participants of the trip will certainly be interested in mascots and dragon figurines, which are available at virtually every turn. Dragon motifs appear on various souvenirs – magnets, key rings, mugs, postcards. 


The legendary figure of Lajkonik is also invariably associated with Krakow. This wonderfully dressed rider is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city! No wonder that there is no shortage of objects with his image. Figurines with beautifully reproduced details, mascots or fridge magnets are a great ffer for the small and the large ones!


Speaking of Krakow souvenirs, one cannot omit the motif of traditional, extremely effective folk costumes. In Sukiennice you can easily buy dolls dressed in traditional dresses, tasteful men’s hats, and even children’s clothes! Practical canvas bags with folk patterns that can easily be found on many stalls also arouse great interest. 

Classic wooden souvenirs 

Does the Krakow fantasy have to be associated with the history or legends of this city? Not necessarily. The best proof of this is the unflagging popularity of classic items with universal themes, such as wooden chess or tasteful boxes, e.g. for jewelry. They are not only effective, but they can also be very useful! 

Unusual souvenirs from Krakow 

Stalls in the Cloth Hall surprise with an extremely diverse range. Among the items that ariuse the greatest interest, it is worth mentioning Polish the production, hand-painted Christmas balls, reminiscent of tiny works of art. Amber jewelry is also very popular, which attracts mainly women’s looks – pendants and bracelets made of amber make an incredible impression and never go out of fashion! An important part of Krakow’s stalls are also occupied by various types of handicrafts, delightful with their intricate craftsmanship. They are often associated with religious motives and folk traditions. Thanks to the huge amount of various stalls, everyone can find something for himself in the Cloth Hall!