The Wieliczka Salt Mine – why does it attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year?

For centuries, Wieliczka has been attracting tourists from all over the world. There is a salt mine, which is the most visited underground tourist attraction in Poland. In 1978, it was inscribed at the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the unusual landscapes of salt excavations. Moreover, Wieliczka is located only 40 kilometers from Krakow! Read why you should go there.

Dress appropriately

The salt mine is a kind of underground city, hiding many secrets, including: chambers carved in salt, breathtaking lakes, works of sculptural art. The mine’s main route is a journey through a salt-hollowed corridor over 130 meters underground, where the temperature is about 17 degrees Celsius. In this regard, dear Tourist, do not forget to dress properly!

Your outfit should be comfortable, but above all you must remember about waterproof footwear. Along the route you will have to climb nearly 800 stairs! Good form after such a trip is guaranteed. In addition, you will receive a lamp, helmet, absorber and overalls on site. You will feel like a real miner. An unforgettable adventure awaits you!

The sightseeing route

The most beautiful of the Wieliczka chambers are available to tourists and can be admired during a three-hour walk around the mine under the watchful eye of a guide. Wandering along the next corridors, you’ll learn many interesting facts related to this place. On the route you will also meet beautiful temples, and in the very center of the mine you will stop at the most famous chapel of Saint Kinga, which is entirely carved in salt. Crystal chandeliers dazzle with their brilliance, making a great impression on people staying in this place. There is no larger underground temple throughout Europe.

Modern technologies

A wide spectrum of modern multimedia is also available on the route. You will learn more about the history and elements that have determined the rhythm of the miners’ work for years thanks to them. You will also have the chance to experience the projection in the only 5D cinema in the world that takes visitors into virtual space.

And when you feel your stomach growling …
For visitors after a walk among the underground chambers wait chefs from the Wieliczka underground restaurant. Ecellent dishes, enriched, and what else, a pinch of salt are served there.

You can end your visit in the mine in the souvenir shop. The youngsters have a chance to take advantage of the interactive zone designed just for them. There will be attractions for the youngsters and for the adults. Come and find out yourself!