The most unusual events in Cracow – what is worth seeing?

Cracow is a city full of surprises on every day and on holidays. There are many really unusual attractions, which are always available, but these unique events are worth to add to your calendar. See which festival will interest you the most.


1.Dachshund Parade

In September, Radio Cracow and the Cracow Festival Office have been organizing a dachshund parade for years, which sets off at noon, accompanied by a melody of a traditional bugle call. The parade is always led by an orchestra. During the event you can meet with a dog psychologist or behaviorist, get advice from a vet, consult a dog stylist, meet new great friends, and take part in a great competition for a perfect fit with your pet. Most importantly, during the march found are collected for dogs from Cracovian shelters, which is why participation in the march is great fun for a noble cause.

2. International Street Theatre Festival ULICA

It is one of the oldest events of this kind on our continent. Four-day theatre festival was organized for the first time in 1988 by the Cracovian KTO Theatre. Since then, the event has taken place every July, on multiple stages at the same time. As its popularity grew, more and more organizations supported it, increasing the artistic level of the event. Currently, the festival offers:

  • about 70 performances
  • meetings with personalities and theatre staff
  • film screenings
  • many musical events
  • cultural events
  • Displays on the Main Market Square

The festival is constantly watched over by its creators – KTO Theatre

3. St. John’s Fair

A few days before Midsummer Night, every year the Cracow Festival Office organizes a wonderful event drawing on Polish roots.  On one of the June weekends near the Wawel Castle there are many tents where craftsmen and artists spend the night. They will be the ones who, throughout the fair, will display Cracovian traditions such as:

  • knightly duels
  • dances
  • cuisine
  • crafts
  • the art of war
  • Slavic mass meeting
  • medieval sports (jousting, archery and much more)

The hosts of the festival prepare special workshops for children, interpretive walks, urban games and handicraft stalls, where you can buy old Polish wonders: jewelry, tableware, weapons, dishes, toys and many others. The youngest participants can learn how to write with a goose feather, wield a wooden sword, bake a scone or bow correctly.  The final stage of the St. John’s Fait is a competition for the most beautiful garland – the stake is high, the winner will enjoy a trip abroad!