The Main Market Square in Cracow – annual events and fairs at the market square

Cracow is one of the oldest Polish cities. Its architecture is among one of the most important cultural heritage sites in Poland. The city center is registered on the UNESCO world heritage list. The Main Square development plan is characterized by a chequered layout. It is a regular-shaped square where 11 streets converge. Most palaces and tenement buildings, which are located there, are centuries old cultural-heritage sites.

No wonder Cracow’s Main Market Square is one of the most popular places to visit among tourists. This is also where numerous cyclical fairs, summer festivals or live concerts take place. Not only did these events made trading possible, but they also improved the city’s economy and were a popular gathering place for people of different cultures and languages. This is precisely when visitors had the opportunity to get familiar with local traditions, ceremonies, and cuisine, thus enriching these surroundings with their own views and customs.

Such meetings are still present nowadays. The Midsummer Fair (Jarmark Świętojański) is one of the events organized in Cracow, which takes place for three to five days. The schedule includes various kinds of events, which help familiarize both tourists and locals with the Old Polish traditions. Every year there are craft and military art demonstrations. Volunteers can participate in dance workshops. There are also plenty of outdoor games, as well as fun activities planned for children.

During the fair, there is also an opportunity to simply listen to historical music and taste some traditional dishes. The Main Market Square is also a place where holiday fairs take place, namely the Christmas Fair and the Easter Fair. In May we can discover secrets of skilled crafts at the Crafts Fair (Kiermasz Rzemiosła), whereas in August visit the International Folk Art Fair (Międzynarodowe Targi Sztuki Ludowej).

Other events at the Main Market Square

The Main Market Square’s architecture facilitates the organization of numerous events, including sports and charity events. Athletes compete during the annual Cracovia Marathon (Cracovia Maraton). Every year there is a chance to meet everyone that feel this internal need to help others, namely the participants of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity’s final (Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy). The music echoing at the Main Market Square is played during sundry concerts organized as part of the Students Culture Days. For a couple of days, this place is buzzing with people, music and great fun. However, this is not the only time when Cracow’s market square is submerged in music. Every year in June, the International Meeting of Military Orchestras expresses their love for their homeland and music.