The first clean transport zone in Poland in Krakow’s Kazimierz

Krakow, which is the former capital of Poland, is a charming city, built of many streets and places worth discovering. Amongst them, there are those that you will always want to come back to. Searching for them is becoming more pleasant, especially in the Kazimierz district, part of which has been separated and appointed as a clean transport zone.

By staying in our aparthotel you will find yourself in the heart of a quiet district, where restrictions have become an additional advantage – they create an area with the reduced car traffic. At present, Krakow is the first city in Poland to introduce a clean transport zone, as well as the first to use the possibilities provided for in the Act on electromobility. The test of this system is scheduled for the first six months of 2019.

Clean transport zone — location, restrictions and privileges

A walk in such a zone is undoubtedly much more enjoyable. Arriving in Krakow, it is also worth finding out which parts of the city you can enter freely, and to which ones the entry is not allowed. Local governments introduce particular restrictions related to the area and the time frame in which people can enter the zone.

Exemption from the prohibition applies to the following vehicles: electric cars, cars powered by hydrogen or natural gas and, of course, vehicles whose owners live in the zone area.

The restrictions apply to the following streets: Miodowa Street along the section from Krakowska Street to Bożego Ciała Street, Bożego Ciała Street along the section from św. Wawrzyca Street to Miodowa Street, Beer Meisels Street along the section from Nowy square to the dead-end behind Bożego Ciała Street, Józefa Street, Nowa Street, Nowy square, Estery Street, Jonatana Warszauera Street, Kupa Street, Izaaka Street, Jakuba Street, Wąska Street, Bartosza Street, Bawół square, Szeroka Street, Ciemna Street, Lewkowa Street, Na Przejściu Street.

The resolution, governing the regulations concerning the clean transport zone, also contains a list of additional exemptions that extend the catalogue of services and vehicles which, according to the Act, may enter the zone. The entry permit covers: cyclists, taxis (until the end of 2025), vehicles of entrepreneurs based in a given area; cars driven by: disabled people, municipal services officers, supply specialists during certain hours, doctors, nurses and midwives authorised to practise and moving for the purpose of providing medical assistance. Funeral and wedding processions will be allowed to enter the zone subject to prior notice to the road authorities.

Kazimierz, commonly known as the meeting area of several cultures, additionally profited from the introduction of the clean transport zone both affecting the improvement of air quality and the reduction of traffic noise.