Palace under the Rams and its tradition dating back to the 15th century

The Palace under the Rams was once an inn, and today there is a cinema and a space where various cultural events take place. Learn more about the secrets of this charming place!

A few words about the history of words…

The times of the Palace under the Rams go back to the Middle Ages. The park came into existence in the 15th century. Initially, the place was an inn. Aries, which were intended for sale to city residents, were also kept there – hence the name of the building.

The owners

The building was built in the Renaissance style, as a combination of two Gothic tenements already existing on this site. The palace changed its owner many times: in 1576 it was bought by Stefan Batory for the commander of the Hungarian infantry. Later it became the property of the Potocki family. It was them who carried out a complete renovation of the rooms and facades, and also changed the purpose of the rooms. Thanks to this, the palace gained an additional third floor and a form that can be admired to this day.

However, the war forced the Potocki family to leave their family premises. What happened next? Well, during the German occupation, there were in the palace quarters for the Krakow district. The building was recovered in 1947, when it was handed over to the Krakow House of Culture.

Cultural Center of Krakow

In 1956, in the basement of the palace, director Piotr Skrzynecki founded a cult cabaret known in Poland under the name “Piwnica pod Baranami” (A Cellar Under the Rams). Among others, the Krzysztof Komeda jazz band, Ewa Demarczyk and later also Grzegorz Turnau performed there. The Cellar has been for years the musical and cultural center of Krakow, and its environment was co-created by well-known artists, e.g. Anna Dymna, Marian Dziędziel, Czesław Miłosz and Andrzej Wajda.

Since 1969, the building has continuously housed a small studio cinema, which primarily promotes European paintings. In 2009, it won the distinction for the best program among cinemas from the Europa Cinemas network.

Currently, the palace basement houses a cafe and a Stage under the Rams. The pub provides space for artistic events created by young Cracovians, i.e. theatre performances, poetry evenings and concerts. Almost every evening you can come across live music there. The exact schedule is available on the stage website.

As you can see, presently the Palace under the Rams invariably remains the cultural and social center of the inhabitants of Krakow, as well as tourists coming from Poland and abroad to be able to admire this beautiful place full of interesting stories.