Kazimierz is a famous district of Krakow, which is the beating heart of the city. Filled with charming cafes, auction houses and Jewish monuments. The atmosphere of this area is very unique, magical, and all this is thanks to the artists who took care of it. Every step you go, scents, sounds and images are calling. Come and see yourself.

Jewish culture

Kazimierz is vibrant with culture, one of the main attractions is the annual Jewish Culture Festival – a highly international event that draws thousands of both foreigners and Poles to the beautiful Krakow. During the festival, not only can you learn the Jewish culture, but also almost touch it. it is one of the very few such places in Poland. In the evenings, both official and spontaneous concerts are organized on the streets, where people dance and sing till the dawn.


The most interesting parts of Kazimierz

Besides the fact that the whole district is beautiful, you must see the following streets: Szeroka, Izaaka, Miodowa, Józefa, Podbrzezie and around Plac Nowy. You cannot limit yourself to the distinctive restaurants or cafes, because every single place in the area is wonderful, full of life, unique. In addition to the restaurant base, there are many tourist attractions. During the walk you can see many synagogues and Jewish cemeteries. An interesting object is the unique ritual bathhouse – Mykwa Wielka, which had been restored a few years ago. Besides the synagogues, there are also many churches, among others, the church of St. Trinity and St. Michael the Archangel and Saint Martyr, Stanisław. The last one is a white building outstandingly presented from the side of the Vistula, connected with the monastery. In the basement, there is a crypt fort he deserved – prepared for tourists to visit. In the morning, it’s worth going to the flea market at Plac Nowy, where you can find real, timeless little treasury.


Reputation of Kazimierz

Many well-known films have been recorded here, including the Schindler’s List. This place is the cradle of the culture of Krakow and the whole of Poland, the headquarters of artists, singers and painters. Kazimierz is also beating with life at night thanks to many places of entertainment eagerly visited by residents. Kazimierz is a cult place on the map of a beautiful Krakow.