Krakow by night – good music, drinks, dance

Others can only dream about nightlife that can be experienced in Krakow. In the historic capital of Poland, the lights do not turn off early, and life goes on in clubs and pubs until the early hours of the morning. One night is not enough to fully appreciate the entertainment and artistic charms of Krakow. Krakow at night is primarily clubs located in the Old Town and in Kazimierz – the historical district of the city. These are two must-be sites on the night map of the city.


Finding a nightclub in the heart of Krakow is not a problem. The problem can only appear when choosing the right place, because there are a lot of options. One thing is certain – everyone will find something for themselves here. Krakow by night is a place friendly to both fans of disco music and jazz music lovers. Here are some clubs with good music in the vicinity of St. Mary’s Basilica, which are worth visiting.

Społem Club

W takich miejscach jak Klub Społem zatrzymuje się czas. W tym lokalu kalendarz wciąż pokazuje 1989 rok, a cały wystrój klubu i jego klimat nawiązuje do czasów PRL. Grane jest tu disco lat ’70, ’80 i najlepsza oldschoolowa muzyka jaką można sobie wyobrazić. To zdecydowanie najlepsze miejsce dla osób, które chcą poznawać Kraków nocą aż do białego rana. Klub Społem to jeden z najdłużej otwartych klubów na Starym Mieście – można tutaj zabawić aż do 5 rano!

In places like Społem Club the time stops. In this place the calendar still shows 1989, and the whole club’s decor and its atmosphere refers to the times of the Polish People’s Republic. Disco of the ’70s and’ 80s and the best old school music you can imagine are played here. This is definitely the best place for people who want to explore Krakow at night until the early morning hours. Społem Club is one of the clubs in the Old Town open the longest – you can have fun until 5 am!

Piec Art Acoustic Jazz Club

This is a proposal for more demanding. The Art Acoustic Piec Jazz Club is considered one of the best jazz clubs in Poland, which was created at the beginning of the last decade of the 20th century. In addition to jazz music, we’ll hear blues as well as a stage song. All this takes place in a climatic basement, which is characterised by a multicolored tiled stove integrated into the bar and a piano floating at the entrance to the club. It is worth noting that the bar has the longest counter in Krakow. There is enough space for all!

Choice Club

Lovers of modern design will be delighted with this place. It is the most designer and exclusive place on the club map of Krakow and all of Poland. A large dance floor, intriguing interiors, delicious drinks and great music are just a few reasons to choose the Choice Club and spend a crazy night in it.

Krakovian clubs with soul

Krakow doesnt miss clubs that, besides good music and drinks, intrigue with their unique character. Some are totally magical. The examples are:

Club pod Jaszczurami

This is the oldest student club in Krakow, which dates back to 1960. This place is the fruit of the cultural activity of students as well as graduates of Krakow’s universities. To this day, this place has been teeming with life – there are dance evenings, concerts, meetings with famous people and cabarets. It is worth noting that an architectural gem is located here – the gothic hall of the club is one of five places in Poland, where gothic asymmetrical vaults have been preserved. For this reason, the club has become a monument of the zero-class UNESCO!

Dziórawy Kocioł

Dziórawy Kocioł (original spelling) is one of the most magical places in Krakow, a paradise for Harry Potter fans. The restaurant is located in the basement on Grodzka Street and you can see hanging brooms there, try cream-coloured beer or play magical board games. This unusual place was created a few years ago, and the great interest of guests proves non-fading popularity of the wizard from the novel J.K. Rowling. The place is open until 22:00, so it will be a great idea to start a crazy night in Krakow.

Laboratorium (Laboratory) Club

This is undoubtedly one of the most original Krakovian clubs. And it’s all to the interior design, which was arranged in a chemical laboratory. The sample tubes are not only a decorative element, but also serve as glasses in which drinks are served. Another attraction is the ceiling, which looks like a sky filled with stars. Thanks to this, you do not have to go outside to admire Krakow at night.

Krakow at night is a place with outstanding artistic and entertainment qualities. The choice of clubs is very wide, but in the first place it is worth taking a look at those which, in addition to good music and drinks, offer a unique atmosphere. A night out to the club in Krakow may turn out to be an unforgettable adventure!