Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow’s Kazimierz — what is it, what is the story and what we can expect in 2019’s edition?

Every year, the Jewish Culture Festival takes place in Kazimierz — historic district of Krakow. The event attracts thousands of tourists allured by its attractions, restaurants and accommodation offers. Guests have the opportunity to experience the unique culture of this place — exceptional dishes and music. All of this is the history, the art and the part of the Jewish heritage that are promoted by workshops and happenings. The Jewish Culture Festival is already known almost all over the world. The history of its origins goes back to the end of the ’90s. This 10-day celebration of Jewish culture came about to remind the public about Polish Jews, to commemorate the tragic events from years ago and to popularize the beauty of tradition.

Jewish Culture Festival — festival of music and artistic experiences

It is a combination of the past and the present that harmonize with each other through language, images and sounds. The Jewish Culture Festival consists of over 300 main and side events. Hundreds of artists and lecturers are involved in their creation by sharing the knowledge of the culture. Every year, about 30,000 people from around the world take part in this beautiful and colourful celebration of Jewish culture. Conversations till the sun comes up, visiting various places, concerts and other musical events — this is what everyone, who decides to come to the festival, can count on. Developing the Jewish culture, emphasizing its beauty and diversity as well as richness of emotions connect both tourists and residents of Krakow.

Jewish Culture Festival — accommodation, cuisine and attractions

This year the theme of the Jewish Culture Festival will be the beauty of the four elements explored through the prism of Jewish culture. The elements connect and show what shapes us – how the earth influences the fate of people and determines them. Online sales of tickets start on May 6th. For some events, there will be the possibility of buying the passes (for the concerts for example). The full program of events is available on the website. The workshops are designed for participants of all ages. Thousands of guests, who will visit Krakow during the festival from 21 to 30 June, will be able to find accommodation in the best hotels in Krakow. Delicious, traditional dishes will be served to tourists in local restaurants. Guests will have the opportunity to try real Israeli coffee. Famous artists will create unique musical arrangements that will put everyone in an amazing mood. All this will be enriched with folk songs, synagogal music and club sounds.