Food you must try in Krakow

Krakow is a place that is famous not only for many beautiful monuments, but also for sweet delicacies and the best Polish street food. These Krakow specialties will surely touch more than one palate. What delicacies are worth trying? See the list below.

Cracow Bagel

These soft and plump discs can be bought at small stands “on wheels”, which are very popular in Krakow. It is also a traditional product of this region and has been included in the European Union list for protected products. The Kraków bagel has a sweet taste and a crunchy crust. It can be sprinkled with salt, sesame or cheese and onions.

Papal fondant

Who has not heard of papal fondant! But have we tried the original one? It is a delicious vanilla cream enclosed between two layers of puff pastry. It is also worth mentioning that it was the favorite dessert of Pope John Paul II and for this reason it received the name of fondant

Casserole at Plac Nowy

New Square in Krakow is famous for the tastiest casseroles. Among gourmets it is considered the first street food in Poland. It is a baguette with mushrooms with a lot of cheese spreading along with ketchup. You can also find such with colorful additions, but despite this the basic version enjoys the greatest recognition. 


This is a favorite dessert not only for the youngest visitors to Krakow, but also for adults. This treat brings back childhood memories! Pishinger is a dessert from the communist era and it is a crunchy waffle layered with chocolate cream.

Special at Starowiślna

Which are the best? When we ask a native of Kraków such a question, we will certainly be directed to the ice cream shop located in Starowiślna. It is famous for its ample scoops of delicious ice cream that customers are fighting for. Being in the city in the summer should be taken into account that we will wait in a fairly long queue for dessert. But everything is rewarded – the taste touches even the most sophisticated palates. 


As you can see, there are many places in Krakow where you can try local delicacies. Like other regions in our country, Krakow is also famous for its delicacies, which are extremely popular with locals and tourists. Taste at least one of them while in this city!