Electric scooters – a new way of getting around the city has recently been made available in Krakow. What are they?

Electric scooters are another means of transport that can be rented in major Polish cities. They constitute an interesting alternative to the most-known and popular city bikes. Recently, Krakow joined the map of Polish cities, where you can rent scooters. This is, without a doubt, one of the city’s major steps in its fight for clean air.

How to rent an electric scooter?

The principle of operation for electric scooters is very simple – just download the proper free smartphone app (it works with both Android and IOS), install, and connect your card or top up your account. That’s all – you can start to use it. Scooters, unlike bicycles, do not have specific stations. They have to be located in a parking zone which is marked on a map in the app. Additionally, based on our phone’s GPS the app indicates the nearest scooter and its battery level. When we want to use a particular scooter, just scan its code, thus unlocking it. After using it, we leave the scooter in a safe spot located in the parking zone, and end the ride in the app.

Why are electric scooters so popular?

Imagine the exact center of the city during rush hours – be it morning or afternoon. All of the people in cars are frantically looking at their watches and you… pass by them not minding the not moving vehicles. Doesn’t that sound good?
No wonder that electric scooters are becoming so popular year by year.

What are their advantages?

  • moving at a speed of circa 20 km/h, next to cars, regardless of traffic jams – you quickly reach the designated destination
  • you care for the environment – you do not pollute it because you do not emit any fumes if you are a tourist – you can see much more in one day than when moving solely on foot
  • if you are traveling to work – you do not have to worry about getting there tired – here you do not use the strength of your muscles, just press the handle and the scooter goes by itself

Ecologic, fast, and agile – those are the features of an electric scooter and the positive opinions shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Electric scooters are a sign of the times

Today, no one is surprised by an electric scooter on Polish streets. In a heavy-traffic reality, it gives you the chance to reach a specific place on time. At a time of caring for the environment and searching for ways of fighting air pollution it constitutes a perfect alternative to cars. However, keeping in mind all of the advantages of electric scooters, one has to remember to use them wisely and caring for other participants of road traffic.