Cracow with a child – where to take your little one?

Children are real volcanoes of energy, who constantly need entertainment. If you want to provide them with an unforgettable experience – choose Cracow and play together in one of the following places.

Dragon parade

This is one of the most interesting events in the Cracovian calendar. It is a truly magical day for children. The first attraction is a parade with self-made legendary dragons, which passes through the most popular locations of the city. It starts on the Main Market Square. Then a picnic by the Vistula River takes place. However, all residents of Cracow await the grand finale of the event. It is an unusual show with large-sized flying and water dragons by the Vistula River. The dragons are controlled by professionals on floating barges in order to give the best possible performance. The show is accompanied by a display of fireworks, carefully selected music, light and water curtains.

Lego Bricks Land

It is an increasingly popular place on the map of Cracow. There are about 50 constructions made of LEGO bricks. They are interactive, which is why the Lego Bricks Land Science and Fun Centre gets so much interest. Some constructions are made of several thousand bricks. Children can use them freely, there is even a possibility to control robots! Of course, the history of Cracow is also present there: Wawel Dragon, Basilisk. However, children spend most of their time in the construction zone, which absorbs them completely. Recently there have also been introduced robotics workshops, where children learn basic knowledge in this field.

Stanislaw Lem Garden of Experiences

It is a famous educational park that explains natural phenomena in a very interesting way. Unfortunately, as it is an outdoor garden, you can visit it only between April and October. Interactive constructions can entertain the toddler all afternoon. There are unusual swings, water whirls, a huge kaleidoscope, labyrinth and many others. It is only one part of the Museum of Urban Engineering, which displays extraordinary exhibitions in the tram depot from year 1882. In addition to historic buses and machines, there are many interactive stands.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

The world’s most wonderful salt mine. Children receive here miner’s equipment: helmet, lamp, absorber and scruffs. The foreman will guide them through various tasks and attractions. This magical walk through the corridors of a beautiful mine will allow them to better understand the history of Wieliczka. They will be charmed by carved chambers, underground lakes and unique salt objects. There are two sightseeing options: a tourist and mining route. Both are noteworthy. The first one is full of views, the second one is full of unusual tasks. Most interestingly, the mine also offers underground accommodation.

Go Jump

It is the largest trampoline park in Poland. And hours of fun can make even the most energetic child feel tired. Various trampolines, a monkey grove, slides, ramps, sponge pools, and all this under the supervision of specialists who take care of the safety of your little one. They also provide special advice on how to perform various stunts.