Art museums in Krakow – which are worth a visit

Art Museums in Krakow are unique places within the city, enchanting with history and modernity. Both the fans of classic works and the enthusiasts of contemporary art will find a gem, among the most outstanding museums that must be visited.

The National Museum in Krakow ul. 3 Maja 130
A must-visit, should be included as the first item on the map of art museums that one ought to see. Will there be anyone who does not want to take a closer look at the famous Lady with the Ermine? The National Museum impresses with its many permanent exhibitions and diversity of exhibition, it also provides new products, most often included in thematic, temporary exhibitions. The building’s furnishings do not impress with modernity, but the exhibition compensates for the lack of facilities for visitors.

The Czartoryski Museum, ul. Św. Jana 19
Located next to the St. Florian’s Gate, called the Czartoryski Museum, whose origins can be dated back to 1801 when Princess Izabella Czartoryska finally saw the opening of the Temple of Sybil, which was her private collection of art collections. . A magnificent collection of works owned by the Czartoryski family, which after the fall of the November Uprising came into the hands of the Russians. It was not until 1876 that the collection, recovered in the most part, which was kept in Paris, landed in Krakow, literary collections, and, handed over to public use, formed the Czartoryski Library. Definitely worth a visit.

MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, ul. Lipowa 4
The building itself is very impressive, and the collections of modern art, whose exhibits delight and amaze you, are a large number of works that are worth seeing. The space and the modern equipped premises make it easy to explore, and reliable descriptions allow for understanding the idea of the creators of contemporary works of art. Exhibitions at MOCAK not only surprise, but also delight, so it is necessary to come into contact with modernity in a pure form.

Museum of Stained Glass, ul. Zygmunta Krasińskiego 23
For people who value personal contact with art, the Stained Glass Museum will become a unique place on the map of Krakow. The museum, which is also a workshop where paintings are still being created, allows you to personally see the size and gravity of creating stained glass. Art, which is now no longer considered necessary, can become a close, experienced part of creating unique works.