25th annual March of Dachshunds

There are many traditions Krakow is known for. Everyone has heard about the St. Mary’s bugle call or the Krakow szopka competition. But there are also traditions less known to tourists in the city, which are worth getting to know. One of them has short legs, or rather paws.

The march of dachshunds in Krakow for the 25th time.

On September 15, the 25th annual… March of Dachshunds will go through the streets of Krakow, with the dogs being accompanied by their owners. This is the only such walk with dogs of this breed in Poland that is so great. It constitutes a great opportunity to admire the most beautiful dachshunds in our country in one place, because the Krakow march attracts canine guests from far away. But this is not just a normal walk down a determined route: the dachshunds and their owners look proud and do their best to win over a special jury and receive the title of the best man-dog pair. Participants of the march compete in various categories in which their mutual understanding and teamwork counts. After all, a dog is not only a best friend, but also a member of the family, as evidenced by every owner, not only of a dachshund.

From under Florian’s Gate to the Main Square

This year, the 25th March of Dachshunds is going to set off at noon, on September 15, from the Florian’s Gate and will go to the Main Square, where the final of the event is going to take place with the anticipated applause of a great audience. It is worth to be there and see for yourself what the great march of the most beautiful dachshunds through the Old Town looks like and how dogs and their owners will cope with demanding competitions.

Something for everyone – accompanying attractions

But the March of Dachshunds is not only an event for this breed’s aficionados. Attractions are also prepared for other pets and their owners. The attractions traditionally include a chance to meet an animal behaviorist, as well as to groom your pet by the best professional dog groomers. Vets and dog training instructors will also be present at the Main Square. It will be possible to take advantage of their experience and ask questions that are going to help you look after your pet better. Each dog owner will find something for themselves.

Have fun and help

The Krakow March of Dachshunds is also traditionally an opportunity to do something good. It is carried out under the “Have fun and help” slogan and is always accompanied by a collection of food for dogs in need from shelters, and a number of other charity events. The organizers of the event are: Radio Kraków and the Krakow Festival Office.