The most popular shows in Krakow

Krakow is a city closely connected to art and possessing great theatrical traditions. Here it is possible to find, for example, the Helena Modrzejewska Old Theater which is the second oldest facility of this type in Poland, Modern Theater, Juliusz Słowacki Theater, Bagatela, Scena STU, and many others, as well as the State Drama School. In total it’s several institutions and even more theater groups. Therefore, when going on a trip to Krakow, it is worth reviewing the repertoires in advance and plan the trip.

Shows in English

In several places, language poses no problem for a long time now. The theater began to take care of foreign guests and decided to introduce proposals that include subtitles into the repertoire. Thanks to this, tourists can easily understand a show’s content. And after all, it is very important, because many of the plays staged at the theaters of Krakow constitute the most outstanding works of Polish drama! And these are some of them…

Old Theater

In this theater, before going to a show, it is needed to review the repertoire. That way You will find the time at which a version with English subtitles is going to be staged. Just look for the British flag next to the name of a show:

One of the greatest plays is The Maids of Wilko. Based on a novel by Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz, one of the greatest contemporary Polish novelists, it tells a story about a tragic affection. Wiktor returns to Wilko after several years and comes across sisters with whom he spent a lot of time in the past. This confrontation forces him to think about his current life.

The Bagatela Theater

As in the Old Theater, several shows with English subtitles are also available here. To view their list, look for the latest update with the title Theatre in English.

One of the newest proposals is Artur Pałyga’s Dad. It is a drama about the relationship of a son and father, accompanied by live music. It is worth mentioning that the piece has received several Polish awards, for example at the 15th Jubilee Festival of Contemporary Dramaturgy “Reality presented” in Zabrze. There it was awarded for directing, music, and main roles.

A completely different proposition consists in Life is a dream (La vida es sueño). It is an almost four hundred year masterpiece by the Spanish Baroque artist, Pedro Calderón de la Barca. The action takes place at the Polish royal court and tells the story of the efforts of a man who tries to overcome his fate.

If you like theater, you will certainly find something for yourself at Krakow’s facilities!