The monastery in Tyniec – an amazing place in Krakow!

The abbey in Tyniec is a gem on the tourist map of Krakow. It’s a beautiful Benedictine monastery dating back to the 11th century, but also a café with local specialties and a view of the picturesque Vistula river backwaters. A walk here will take around 1,5 hours if you’re a skilled tourist. To get here by bicycle, you need around half an hour riding through the path leading from Wawel. There’s of course also a city bus from the center of Krakow, and if you want to travel by your own car, you’ll need a quarter to get there. Tyniec is an enchanting breath of the city’s history and a currently reputed Christian meditation center.

Walking paths for pilgrims

The abbey is located on a limestone hill within the Vistula valley. It’s no accident that the Benedictines, who had been seeking a place for spiritual development, but also for the Christianiztion of Poland, have settled there. At the museum, you can have a look at the history of Tyniec and Krakow, appreciate the monastery scriptorium with tomes, sacral sculptures and many other priceless testimonies of history. Throughout the entire year, you can find rest here on the specially prepared paths around the abbey and within its area. Pilgrims will discover there the silence of prayer, benefit from the Christian meditation workshops offered by the Benedictine Fathers, and regular strollers – a place and time to have contact with the natural Lesser Poland nature. The atmosphere of these spiritual and hiking trips is truly unique.

A living abbey and organic local products

Tyniec offers forms of participating in the life of the monks unique on a European scale. You can not only visit the monastery museum, but also subtly spy on religious rituals. Church services and organ concertos are open to people of all denominations. In the monastery shop, you can try local organic products, buy sweets, tinctures, bread and other food items produced at the local farms. Culinary tourism enthusiasts will be enchanted by their taste.

The legend of Father Leon

Many of the visitors to the Tynice Abbey come here because of the charisma of the abbot-senior, Father Leon Knabit, who is very eager to talk to the pilgrims. You can buy his books at the monastery bookshop and he is very willing to join discussions. The presence of the monks in this area is visible everywhere, which is an additional, not only religious, attraction. The legend of Father Leon is the good spirit of Tyniec, known all around the world thanks to the warm accounts of the pilgrims who return to the abbey every year.