Krakow is a perfect place for a bachelor party

Krakow is a city with history; former seat of Polish kings, and today one of the most important European metropolises. The Main Market Square is a unique and spectacular place, often visited by tourists. It is an extremely charming treasury of works of art, historical souvenirs, as well as beautiful monuments. They represent almost all architectural styles, from the Middle Ages to modern times. It is a phenomenal city of intensive social and cultural life. There is no doubt that Krakow enchants with its amazing atmosphere. Sometimes it is full of events, and sometimes stands for a moment of rest and blissful laziness. Nevertheless, it is always inspiring and interesting.

A city teeming with life

Thanks to such enormous potential, the old city of Krak can even become a place to organize a bachelor party. Why? The former capital of Poland is full of unexpected twists! Seductive city streets swaddled in the light of night lamps really enchant passers-by with. First of all, the aromas of tasty dishes or sweets float in the air, which you cannot pass by indifferently. Restaurants or cafes, beautifully decorated with flowers, encourage with their colors to sit down for a moment and relax. All this can be owed to a pleasant, urban space, full of open, nice people, and interesting places. The professionalism of Krakow’s industry, business environment, and the scientific world guarantee that everyone will find a creative development of their soul at this extraordinary place.

How to spend the evening?

The former capital of Poland is perfect for a party, mainly because of the prices. There is no denying that compared to large European metropolises, Krakow’s residents are able to save a few pennies while staying in an incredibly atmospheric environment. If you’re looking for a bachelor or bachelorette party, you’ve come to the right place! At night the city center changes beyond recognition. The myriad of bars, clubs, and drinking places constitutes a recipe for a great evening. Perhaps you fancy a pub crawl? Or maybe you prefer to book a table at one of the restaurants? Both options are available and allow you to try the best international drinks as well as traditionally Polish options. And later you will easily find a place with karaoke or a disco. The Main Square is full of such places!

If that’s how you imagine a bachelorette or bachelor party, be sure to look for a pub with the vibe you like the most and book your tickets to Krakow!