It’s gloomy outside, but you’d like to go somewhere? Here’s a list of the best bookstore-cafés in Krakow!

Bookstore-cafés in Krakow have their passionate admirers especially on rainy autumn days. Delicious coffee and the possibility of buying or simply browsing through the books there is a duo that many have already fallen in love with. An atmosphere of calm and peace favors reflection, careful reading and rest without a time limit, that’s why it’s worth to sink into it and allow yourself to have your own world.

Kawiarnia Literacka (Literary Café)

It is an important place on the bookstore-café route in Krakow. It’s located in the beautiful historic district of Kazimierz, in a building at Krakowska 41 Street, next to the Wolnica square. Aromatic coffees, unique alcohols and sweet snacks accompany the books here. You can browse them and buy them, not only tasting the specialties, but above all the atmosphere of the place. Frequent visitors to the Kawiarnia Literacka also appreciate the sofas and armchairs, in which you can hide from the world and sink into the reading. Board game enthusiasts also meet here, and meet the author sessions and book promotions are held in the representative room. It’s a fixed point on the list of the nicest corners of the charming Jewish Kazimierz, now a district of Krakow.

De Revolutionibus. Books & Café

A bookstore-café located at Bracka street at number 14, mainly associated with hot philosophical discussions and scientific lectures on various topics. Those who find themselves best within this space are above all those appreciating intellectual disputes and the circulation of academic books, but also readers desiring only to relax in the crazy course of everyday affairs also visit. It’s also important that the Bracka street itself is charming and is a strong inspiration for the artists of Krakow, headed by the immortal hit song by Grzegorz Turnau entitled “Bracka” and the chorus of this song praising the street where “it is raining”. Both scientists and more romantic souls will find themselves here.

Bona Book and Coffee

It’s a bookstore-cafés located at Kanonicza 11. You can drink a warm drink, read and browse through albums with Krakow art here. It’s no accident as this is the city’s most beautiful street. It was here, at the foot of Wawel, where Franciszek Wyspiański, the father of Stanisław Wyspiański, had his atelier. Kanonicza led to the castle itself, and one time, in the historical Copernicus hotel, the one and only Nicolaus Copernicus slept there. All you have to do to feel this atmosphere is sit at Bona Book and Coffee. Let history speak for itself, even in this cozy privacy of the city with delicious black tea.